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Tax Agent Services

As your Tax Agent we will be responsible for:
Registering our self as Tax Agent for the company at the FTA.
Filling / auditing VAT returns/ or Selective Tax prepared for this purpose, followed by referring it to the specialized department within the legal period.
Reviewing the company's purchases of goods and services to verify the validity of VAT amounts on purchase invoices, date of purchase and whether they are deductible and refundable or not.
Calculating the tax on imported services and paying them to the specialized authority within the legal period and following up the claim within the VAT return for the period post payment.
Reviewing the company's financial statements draft to verify that revenues match the issued returns and discuss any notices with you.

 ​+971 (2) 207 6699

Compliance with VAT Policies Assessment

In spite of the relative clarity of VAT in theory, its practice is more complex and requires numerous resources to meet compliance requirements.
We at First Oasis work on your behalf to meet your compliance needs with VAT policies through our experts, putting our theoretical and practical expertise at your disposal in order to provide a clear idea of what areas needs to be addressed to achieve a full and smooth transmission toward full VAT regulations compliance.

 ​+971 (2) 207 6699

Field Auditing Attendance

At First Oasis, we recognize the importance of being present with the client’s financial department when VAT officials are auditing the VAT returns. 

Our team possesses the ability to discuss their notices on VAT returns and help answer all inquiries in order to complete an audit that is in line with the company's interest and in accordance with regulations and instructions of the authority.

+971 (2) 207 6699

Assisting in objection submission

Through studying the differences received from the authority along with the documents and information prepared by the company, our experts work on proving the company's right to object. Consequently, they assist in:

the preparation of the objection, following up the objection and answering the inquiries of the authority until completion is in accordance with the requirements of the VAT system.

+971 (2) 207 6699

VAT Consulting

Companies and institutions are often unaware of VAT legislation and policies that are constantly amended. Hence, our VAT advisory team provides a series of guidelines and specialized practical advice to help your business achieve compliance with VAT policies and address issues and amendments of VAT and its legislation.
We also provide VAT reports auditing services to verify the accuracy of compliance with VAT policies. This in addition to assisting companies and institutions in the process of VAT refund in case the conditions applied are in accordance with the provisions of the system.

+971 (2) 207 6699

VAT Registration

Registration of companies, institutions and entities subject to value added tax at the specialized authority to achieve the requirements of the registration process and its compliance with the regulations and rulings.

+971 (2) 207 6699

VAT Awareness Sessions

It is essential for the organization employees to understand the principle rules of VAT and accounting for VAT. There for our team of professionals will conduct an awareness sessions designed specifically for you organization in order to address your team members concerns and inquiries.
We will explain the structure and legal framework of VAT, and in particular will consider what might be considered ‘good’ VAT compliance, exemptions under the VAT regime and what pitfalls to be mindful of. We will provide valuable information about the UAE VAT Law in order to develop a greater understanding of the VAT regulatory environment and how the law is applied throughout the UAE.

+971 (2) 207 6699

Software VAT Readiness Assessment

We will analyze the capabilities of the existing accounting system to deal with VAT requirements and we will deliver a clear analysis highlighting and providing solutions for any existing gabs that the organization needs to address in order to assure that best practices, optimal compliance and performance is being implemented.

+971 (2) 207 6699